• I am brand new to online advertising. How can your product help us gain visibility?

    If you are brand new to online marketing, you have come to the right place to showcase your wares. We would recommend running an awareness campaign, so people become familiar with your product. With our bespoke platform, you can create awareness across multiple ad networks with ease.

  • I already use another 3rd party platform to execute campaigns. What is unique about Crigloo?

    Our platform's unique selling proposition is how we have architected our solution for unified campaign management. Simply said, we have one set of screens for all ad platforms, so you don't have to do “swivel chair” (hassle-free) across many ad networks. Due to this unified approach, we can let our AI engine do its magic to optimize your campaigns, resulting in lower costs and faster execution. We have other products such as market mix modeling, which helps you stack rack your media spend in the pipeline. Support us and we will provide the SMB and mid-market firms such as you a war chest of marketing tools to stake your claim in the marketplace.

  • We are a small business selling items online through our ecommerce platform. Can you help us?

    E Commerce is a perfect medium for online advertising and our product is designed to tackle the problems that small businesses typically encounter.

  • Can you track key events on our online website, so we know our performance etc?

    Using our events tracker, you can track the full customer journey from cradle to grave i.e from visits to purchase.

  • I use Google and Facebook to run campaigns. Why should I use Crigloo?

    Crigloo is an integrated platform that sits on top of Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Snapchat. We provide seamless connectivity to these platforms and our AI engine will help you save time and money. Give it a shot. If you don't like it, we will provide FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Do you work with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track events, tags and conversion etc?

    Do you work with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track events, tags and conversion etc? Yes, we rely primarily on GTM to track your visitors' online journey. Simply create a GTM account using the attached link and embed the GTM tracking code within the Head block of your HTML page.

    Upon completion of the above, simply link up the GTM credentials in our settings screen so the tracking will be seamless henceforth.

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