Crigloo Campaign UTM Builder

Use this UTM builder to generate url parameters needed to track campaigns in analytics tools.
Landing Page URL and Campaign Name
Provide the campaign landing page URL and the campaign name. These are mandatory.
Landing Page URL is required
Campaign Name is required
Traffic Source
Select the campaign source. This is the source from where traffic to the landing page will originate. Source will help in campaign attribution.
Traffic Source is required
Custom Source is required
Medium, Content & Placement
Provide additional information about the campaign such as Medium, Content and Placement.
Campaign Medium is required
Campaign Content is required
Provide the keyword for this campaign.
Q . What is UTM?
A . UTM are query string values that are appended to a landing page URL. An example would be
Q . What is the purpose of UTM?
A . UTM codes are used to know about the incoming campaign traffic. It helps in identifying the name of the campaign that generated the traffic. Additional query string parameters provide more information about the traffic.
Q . How does UTM work?
A . When an ad embedded with the landing page URL is clicked, the user is directed to the landing page. Then web analytics tools in the landing page, parse the URL and extract the query string values. The parsed values are then stored and used for reporting purposes.
Q . How critical is the UTM?
A . Providing the correct UTM values is very critical. It can make or break your marketing analytics and decision making.
Q . What next?
A . Use the Crigloo UTM builder to generate your landing page URL. Then copy the URL and embed it into the campaign ad. P.S. - If you use Crigloo for campaigns, we take care of the UTM generation and embedding automatically.
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Disclaimer: Please verify the generated campaign URL for correctness before using it in your campaigns. Kindly note that Crigloo makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. You shall be utilizing the generated URL at your own risk.