Engineering Team Lead


Crigloo is on the hunt for a key individual to lead our engineering team. We are building a game-changing product in the ad-tech space. We are looking for a passionate team leader who has deep expertise in managing a team of engineers but also has a knack for developing B2B SaaS products with great user experience. The expectation is that this smart and passionate person can lead a great team to mold the current product to fit the evolving needs of the user base. The leadership team is very open minded and we have a flat organization structure. Simply put, your clever idea can translate into a product feature in days.

What would you do at Crigloo?

You will lead a team of engineers to continue to build on our foundational product. Your “North Star” is the receptivity the product gets in the marketplace. So that means, a constant iterative approach is required to build a world class product.

You will not “fly solo” and will be supported by a team of:

  • Data Scientists
  • Web developers
  • Data/SQL experts
  • Server side programmers

  • Quickly learn the world of ad tech and the intricacies of our product.
  • Lead a team of developers to build a flagship product in the ad tech space.
  • Stay up-to-date with trends in the Tech industry.

Who we’re looking for


  • Candidate who possesses deep expertise in various tech stacks.
  • Person with a “go-getter” attitude that can fix anything tech related.
  • 10+ years of great experience in Python/Angular/JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks.
  • Solid knowledge of various databases such as MYSQL/Others.
  • Great feel for user experience.
  • Rapidly grasp the intricacies of any 3rd party API documentation.
  • Ability to architect cloud platforms, with serverless micro services.
  • Solid experience in the cloud ecosystem with particular expertise in AWS.
  • Experience in DevOps and cloud security.
  • Comfortable communicating with cross functional teams.



  • Familiarity with machine learning/AI tools.
  • Ability to think “big picture” and keep in mind product market fit always.
  • Experience with ad tech.
  • Solid knowledge of social media platform metrics.
  • Experience with Google and Social Media ads (Meta, LinkedIn etc).
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